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Treasure Coast Electricians Specializing in Commercial Build-Outs

Moving into a new space? We would love to help you maximize your efficiency through strategic lighting and wiring placement. From design to implementation, Don Green Electric will assist you in every step of making your new commercial space as tailored to your business needs as possible.

No more groaning about how the outlets should have been spaced closer together, or the weird lighting fixtures in the corner of the room (who thought those were a good idea anyway?). With Don Green Electric working alongside you as your new space is built, we can ensure your needs are met while implementing the most energy efficient solutions - the environment is cool these days (and so is saving money on utility bills!).

Whether you operate an office building, retail store, property management company, apartment complex, government building or any other type of business on the Treasure Coast, Don Green Electric is the company to call for commercial build-outs.


Schedule Your Build-Out Service Today

For quality electrical work and tenant and commercial build-outs on the Treasure Coast, contact us today to schedule your estimate.

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Why Choose Don Green Electric?

Don Green Electric specializes in Residential & Commercial Electrical Services, from troubleshooting flickering lights, to installing LED Lighting or new circuits, to upgrading panels and electrical service.

No problem or job is considered too big or too small.

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