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Don Green Electric is a full service electrical contracting company deisgned to meet all of your commercial needs, from upgrading the lights in your parking lot to full new construction of your commercial space. All commercial designs are created to maximize safety and energy efficiency.

Sight lighting

We are well equipped to assist with all sight lighting needs for your commercial space. Let us outfit your perimeter and parking lot areas with ample lighting fixtures to ensure that no matter how late that project may keep you at work, nobody will feel unsafe walking to their car while on your property. Our focus on doing work quickly with a highlight on safety will ensure your parking lot shines as brightly as the ideas flowing out of your offices. Your neighboring businesses will be blinded by your brilliance.



Moving into a new space? We would love to help you maximize your efficiency through strategic lighting and wiring placement. From design to implementation, Don Green Electric will assist you in every step of making your new commercial space as tailored to your business needs as possible. No more groaning about how the outlets should have been spaced closer together, or the weird lighting fixtures in the corner of the room (who thought those were a good idea anyway?). With Don Green Electric working alongside you as your new space is built, we can ensure your needs are met while implementing the most energy efficient solutions - the environment is cool these days (and so is saving money on utility bills!).



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Code compliance

Have a sinking feeling some of your wiring may not be up to code? Or a very real fine from an inspector who has told you just that? Never fear, Don Green Electric is here to help steer your ship on the course to blissful code compliance. No more dreading the day code enforcement comes calling, with Don Green Electric assisting with your wiring and lighting needs you will be able to go back to confidently meeting any inspector who dares to come knocking. 


New construction


Building the new office building of your dreams? Or an apartment complex? Fancy wave pool community? No matter the project, Don Green Electric would love to help you design your space, from outlet placements to light fixtures. Our extensive experience in electrical design can leave you resting easy that your project will not only make cents, the design will make sense. From functional to fun, let Don Green Electric help ensure that your new construction is done right for you.

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