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LED Light Fixture

LED Lighting

Treasure Coast Electricians Specializing in LED Lighting

With LED, your choices for lighting are only limited by your imagination. Any design will only enhance what LED can do for you. You'll have better light sources, see better, and save a lot of money on energy costs.

Residential LED Lighting Services

LED lighting serves many purposes for homeowners, from security to mood setting. Imagine a swimming pool party in your home with pool lighting that sets the mood with beautiful colors that change according to your desires. How about a remote control that is set for one push to turn on specific lights in your home, setting function and mood, when you walk in from work.

Commercial LED Lighting Services

There are many applications for LED lighting in commercial or industrial applications. For instance, one LED light producing white light can produce up to 300 watts of power vs. one fluorescent lamp's 70 watts. That's a significant difference.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is great for parking lots, warehouses, churches, schools, and just about any other business or home. LED lighting can be made to change colors or set mood as well as providing light to see by or for safety reasons.

If you're interested in saving money, LED lighting is the way to go.

  • Save up to 60% of lighting costs

  • Reduce electric consumption by 20%

  • Increase lighting levels

  • Possible utility rebates may be available


Schedule Your LED Lighting Service Today

LED lights are designed to deliver more light to a wider area without efficiency loss. Because they don’t use an external reflector, LED lighting is able to achieve a higher application efficiency – a visible dispersal of their light – without loss of effectiveness. They are capable of delivering more light, more efficiently, to exactly the areas of your home you want them to. Contact us today to schedule your LED lighting service!

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Why Choose Don Green Electric?

Don Green Electric specializes in Residential & Commercial Electrical Services, from troubleshooting flickering lights, to installing LED Lighting or new circuits, to upgrading panels and electrical service.

No problem or job is considered too big or too small.

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