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Parking Lot Light

Site Lighting & Repair

Treasure Coast Electricians Specializing in Commercial Light Repair

We understand that each business is different, and each location presents challenges regarding physical layout, terrain, location and security requirements. If you need an expert electrician to install parking lot lighting, call us. Or if you’re looking for an upgrade to your existing system, we can help with that too.

Site Lighting Installation

We are well equipped to assist with all site lighting needs for your commercial space. Let us outfit your perimeter and parking lot areas with ample lighting fixtures to ensure that no matter how late that project may keep you at work, nobody will feel unsafe walking to their car while on your property. Our focus on doing work quickly with a highlight on safety will ensure your parking lot shines as brightly as the ideas flowing out of your offices. Your neighboring businesses will be blinded by your brilliance


We are also experienced in installing lighting systems in new parking lots. Our expert electricians make sure your parking lot light fixtures and pole lighting are wired and installed properly. You have our guarantee that your pole lights will operate at top performance. Your safety and security standards will never be compromised by faulty wiring or poorly-installed poles. We want your customers and employees to feel safe and secure using your parking facilities.

Site Lighting Replacement & Repair

If you already have a system in place, it may be older and you may have noticed some issues with the intensity and consistency of your lighting. Do your parking lot lights ever flicker? Are some of the lamps in your pole lights no longer shining as brightly? Or do they burn out quickly? Have you expanded your parking lot, and realized your current system isn’t as operative as you’d like for it to be?


Schedule your Parking Lot Light Service Today

Our expert commercial electrical contractors will visit your parking lot and troubleshoot and repair the electrical problem with your pole lighting. We thoroughly check your parking lot lights, circuit wiring, and make any needed electric repair. Or, if you’re looking to install a system, we can give you a recommendation and an estimate of what we think will work best for your particular parking lot. Contact us today for your estimate!

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Why Choose Don Green Electric?

Don Green Electric specializes in Residential & Commercial Electrical Services, from troubleshooting flickering lights, to installing LED Lighting or new circuits, to upgrading panels and electrical service.

No problem or job is considered too big or too small.

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