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Your home is your oasis, your sanctuary from the world where you can entertain guests or just veg out on the couch. Don't let some lose wires or misplaced outlets invade your calm. From functional upgrades to fun lighting designs, Don Green Electric can help ensure your home is ready for how you would like to use it. Our dedication to quality, efficiency and safety guides our technicians, so you can rest assured your project is being done correctly and with you in mind.



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New Construction

Finally building your dream home? Adding an addition to accomodate a new addition to your family? Converting the garage to the man and/or lady cave that will be the envy of all your friends? Whatever it is we have you covered. Don Green Electric can work with you and your contractor to design and install custom electrical solutions for any project. 

wiring & Lighting

Don Green Electric specializes in upgrades that can help keep you from being shocked by your electric bill. From bringing wiring up to code to switching over to energy efficient lighting, we can help make sure the lighting matches your mood, and your energy bill matches your budget.


service upgrades

If you trip a circuit breaker every time you plug your toaster in, it may be time to schedule an upgrade. A tripped breaker indicates that the power supply is insufficient. We can help you keep up with the growing energy demands of appliances with a service upgrade, no longer forcing you to choose between running the coffee maker or the toaster. You deserve both.


boat lifts

Whether it's installing a new boat lift for your new ocean companion, or upgrading the wiring on your existing lift, we are happy to help make your ocean cruising dreams a reality. With years of experience with marine electrical work, Don Green Electric is perfectly suited for all the electrical needs to make your dock run as efficiently as possible. 


design & Consultations

Finally getting that kitchen remodel you've been dreaming about for years? We at Don Green Electric would love to help turn your vision into reality. With decades of experience in electrical design, we can ensure the highest functionality and energy efficiency for your remodeled space. We offer consultations, so we can work alongside you, from planning through installation. You no longer need to be frustrated by outlet placement and recessed lighting in places that don't make sense.



Whether its some loose wires that don't seem right or an outlet that only works when it feels like it, we can help with diagnosing and correcting all electrical needs. Don't let the weird little issues turn into something bigger! (Although if it's too late and they're already something bigger, we can help with that too!) Our professional team of trained electricians have the knowledge and skill to correct electrical troubles big and small.

Some common issues we are called to help with:

  • outlet repair

  • switch repair

  • breaker issues

  • lighting maintenance


hot tubs & pools

While we have the luxury of calling Florida home, along with its year-round sunshine, nobody likes jumping into a freezing pool! If you are having problems with your pool heater, or decided to add a hot tub to upgrade your home to a spa-like atmosphere, we would be happy to do the electrical work to keep them running smoothly. Our technicians can assist with grounding services, pool heater repairs, as well as lighting to ensure your space is cozy and well lit - no matter what time of day you choose to use it.

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