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Treasure Coast Electricians Specializing in Electrical Troubleshooting

Whether it's some loose wires that don't seem right or an outlet that only works when it feels like it, we can help with diagnosing and correcting all electrical needs. Don't let the weird little issues turn into something bigger! (Although if it's too late and they're already something bigger, we can help with that too!)

If you are experiencing problems with the electrical in your home not working properly, it is always best to leave the diagnosis of the problem up to a certified electrician. It can be extremely difficult to diagnose an electrical problem if there is no obvious damage, like a broken outlet or a cut wire. There are many points from where the electricity comes into your house from the pole, to the breaker panel to each of the outlets and fixtures connected to the home’s wiring where something can be causing a problem. This is where electrical troubleshooting comes in.

Scheduling an electrical inspection is a great way for you to get a professional opinion about any electrical problems that may be looming in your home. This gives you the opportunity to have critical repairs before they become serious. You can trust our electricians to troubleshoot and repair any electrical problems so your home is safe again.


Our professional team of trained electricians have the knowledge and skill to correct electrical troubles big and small.

Some common issues we are called to help with:

  • Outlet repair

  • Switch repair

  • Breaker issues

  • Lighting maintenance

Contact Us Today for Troubleshooting Help

If you have other electrical issues we could help with, don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule a service! We'll come out to your home right away and troubleshoot your electrical problems so you don't have to.

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Why Choose Don Green Electric?

Don Green Electric specializes in Residential & Commercial Electrical Services, from troubleshooting flickering lights, to installing LED Lighting or new circuits, to upgrading panels and electrical service.

No problem or job is considered too big or too small.

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